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Interserve connects internet publishers and advertisers using a unique pay per click advertising platform. If you are a publisher looking for maximum revenue from your advertising inventory or an advertiser looking for a guaranteed return on investment, Interserve's global advertising platform is your perfect solution.
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With InterServe you can start earning comission for every click generated on the ads that you display in just a few minutes.

InterServe makes your life easy by working hard and smart for you. InterServe adserving technology will automatically display the best performing ads for your website, from the list of advertisers that you approve to display.

In addition to returning maximum revenue with InterServe adserving solution, InterServe also provides an integrated referral program where you receive lifetime recurring comissions from the publishers and advertisers that you refer.

All adserving and referral statistics are provided in real time from your account manager interface. You have the functionality to run multiple reports and view exact information of interest and importance.

Publisher payments are processed on the 28th day of each calendar month, or the fist working day after by bankers check, bank transfer, pay pal, e-gold and moneybookers.

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Pay-Per-Play Text for Your Website

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This is not a sales pitch and there is nothing to buy. There is no squeeze page that is designed
to sell you anything later either.

This is an event that you should know about...

First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on the small percentage of website visitors that actually click on an advertisement.

Now there is "Pay Per Play" advertising that will pay you on 100% of your website traffic... NO CLICKS NECESSARY!

Pay Per Play caters to an audience that is larger than radio, television and print media combined!

Billions of dollars are being spent by big brand advertisers and they are ready to pay you. Will you claim your share of the pie?

Or will you let someone else have it?

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Earn money by placing a search box enables webmasters and web site owners to earn money by placing a search box, search result links or integrated search solution on your website. When one of your web site visitors clicks on a link displayed by one of's search keyword solutions, you will receive up to 80% commission.

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By joining the webmaster program, you benefit by working with a reputable company with more than 8 years experience in the industry, and top rates of commission.

Using multiple networks to consistently ensures relevant and paying display results for search users with the highest paying advertisers placed in descending order of display, Webmasters have the direct advantage of earning higher commissions through our unique advertiser search result technology.

From your webmaster account, you can create unlimited tracking campaigns, and we will provide detailed information about every one that you operate. All statistics and earnings reports are available online from your account in real time, with all payments being processed on the 28th day of each month with check, wire transfer, e-gold and pay pal payment options.

The webmaster program also has the feature for affiliates to refer sub affiliates and advertisers and collect a 10% commission on the lifetime revenue they generate from search clicks, sub affiliates and advertisers in our multi-tier program. We provide all the best performing text and banner links to make your campaign a success, and we'll even serve the images for you direct from our integrated ad server, saving you bandwidth and money. All referral statistics and earnings reports are also available online from your account in real time.

Program Features

* Instant affiliate account set up
- Join today and start earning today!

* $ Dollar, £ Sterling and € Euro accounts
- Operate your account and get paid in your own currency.

* Manage unlimited campaigns from your account
- Create as many unique tracking campaigns as you need for detailed performance statistics.

* Real time account & campaign statistics
- View your search traffic stats and commission earning reports online, 24hrs a day!

* Professional online support
- If you need technical or account support, we're here to help you

* Guaranteed monthly check, wire transfer, e-gold & pay pal payments
- We've been paying affiliates every month, without fail since 1998.

* XML search feed supported
- Pull search results into your own search result system using XML.

* External search scripts for your website
- Download your own search engine script for your website, and customize the results page to your own style.

* HTML Search Box
- Insert a search box into your web pages so your visitors can search directly from your web site.

* Display search links directly into your pages
- Insert a single line of customizable html code into your web pages and pull search links directly into your pages

Set up your account online today and start earning from your own web search solution!

Findology Interactive Media

Was founded in May 2000 by a pioneer in the online advertising industry. The company's network of premium publishers now generates billions of monthly impressions. Findology offers a wide range of customized products and services to drive publisher revenue and achieve advertiser goals.

Findology's publisher solutions provide customized tools needed to maximize site revenue through targeted advertising inventory and innovative search technology.

Findology is a revenue share program. The percentage earned on each click-through is 35%. Price per click-through varies based on the advertiser and keyword. Join now !

pay you $25 for every advertiser that you refer. The person you refer must add the minimum of $25 to their account and the amount must be depleted before you get paid. Earn 5 % from refferal earning that you refer. The referral cash will be entered directly and immediately to your account. Start promoting the referral program now.